Thursday, August 06, 2009

The task at hand

So in about twelve weeks I'll be a "home owner" for the first time. Obviously this means that there will be a big move to look forward to. The model railroad has survived one move already, so that I know that it can be done. Unfortunately this time though, the layout is going to have to go through some major modifications prior to the move.

First of all, I'm going to reduce the overall length from over 4.2m to a much more manageable 3.6m. It could fit in the new garage the way it is now, but this time around I want to actually use the garage as a 'garage' thus meaning less room for the railroad.

By shortening the layout, I've decided to overhaul and redesign the track plan. This will involve pulling up all of the track that I've laid, which I anticipate should be fairly easy since it is only held down with white glue.


Nate said...

If the railroad was in a raised position, say 45-60 centimeters below the ceiling would it still work?
BTW, very happy to hear Jonathan is doing well, and we are very happy about the the new addition. Jayce looks like a lady's man, look out.

Much love, Nate and Shannon

Anonymous said...


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